Authentic expression of the territory.

An authentic expression of the territory, of the genuine character of the Sicilian land, and of a young style, Baglio Antico wines are fresh, ready, lively wines, designed for convivial and engaging moments.
The wines do not undergo clarification, stabilization and filtration. Sulfur dioxide is almost zero. Only in this way can we obtain local wines, respecting nature.


Baglio Antico Catarratto

Wine with a straw yellow color, with citrus notes of lemon and orange on a floral background of orange blossom and jasmine scents. Medium structure and dry taste, balanced with excellent savoriness and marked mineral sensations that fade into an elegant almond finish that reveals the richness of the grape variety, giving the palate a pleasant aftertaste.

Baglio Antico Nero d'Avola

Wine of extraordinary varietal identity, balanced, intense, rich and unusually fresh. The fruity notes of small red fruits stand out. Full-bodied taste, soft tannins, elegant finish.
Ideal if served slightly cold, it pleasantly accompanies any not particularly elaborate dish.


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